Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to Budget MMA Blog


Budget MMA Blog is amazingly enough a blog devoted to following MMA while on a budget. Following MMA while on a budget means buying no more than 1 pay-per-view per month, not subscribing to VOD/Fight-on-Demand/Fight Achieves, and not spending all day searching the Internet for free fight videos.

Budget MMA is all about taking advantage of the MMA available on free TV. Luckily, there's a ton of free MMA right now. There's Strikeforce on NBC, EliteXC on CBS, UFC Unleash, TUF, Ultimate Fight Night Live, etc. on Spike, IFL on Foxsports, & Iron Ring was just on BET.

About the author/blogger: I saw the first few UFC Tournaments on VHS when I was about 10. After that, I didn't follow MMA for various reasons (ie. time/money). Until, the dawn of the current Budget MMA golden age/the first season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Here's to hoping this blog lasts longer than 3 months.

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