Friday, October 24, 2008

PPV Battle: UFC 90 vs. $45

Do you believe that Anderson Silva is so good that it is worth buying a PPV featuring him regardless of the rest of the card, even if he's fighting an oppenent that has roughly no chance against him?

Are you related to one of the fighters on the card?

If you answered, "yes," to either of these questions, then UFC 90 is worth your $45. Otherwise, save you money and look for video of Silva vs. Cote on the internet Sunday morning.

Shallow preview of the main card:

Silva vs. Cote

Arguably the best fighter in the world vs a good gatekeeper. It is Silva vs. Leben all over again, or maybe Silva vs. Irvin.

Koscheck vs. Alves

Best fight on the card in terms of matched talent and styles. Alves should be able to keep Koscheck from laying on him for 3 rounds.

Werdum vs. Dos Santos

Werdum is more of a favorite in this fight than Silva is in his. That should tell you everything you need to know about this one.

"King Lay'n Pray" Sherk vs. "Unable to finish" Griffin

If you could bet on whether or not a fight would go to a decision, what would be the money line of this going to a decision? -1000? -2000? (For non-gamblers, -1000 means that you need to bet $1,000 to win $100)

Possible undercard match because Silva vs. Cote finishes in the first round:

Best guess: Leites vs. McFedries because it is the undercard match least likely to go to decision.

To summarize:

2 squash matches
1 wrestler vs wrestler decision
1 competitive fight
1 undercard fight

Does that sound like $45 to you?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Overheard at UFC 89

Bisping vs Leben

"I haven't seen a Brit run that fast since Dunkirk 1940."

"Does Bisping owe Machida royalties for that fight?"

"Who knew Leben's cardio would ever be good enough to chase someone across the Octagon for 15 minutes?"

Jardine vs Vera

"I'm going go get a beer."

Sokoudjou vs Cane

"This is the best Sokoudjou we've ever seen," (2 minutes later) "never mind."


"Is Shane Carwin more Brock Lesnar than Brock Lesnar?"