Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheick Kongo is delusional

After TKO'ing UFC debutant Dan Evensen [who?], Kongo proclaimed:

“Everybody knows I deserve a title fight.”

Really, Kongo? I know the UFC's heavyweight devision is paper thin at best, but really? Everyone know you deserve a title shot? Let's look at your UFC career.

You started your UFC career with 2 impressive TKO wins against decent competition. After those 2 wins, a bunch of people (myself included) thought that you were the next big thing at heavyweight.

Then, you became a decision machine. And, not an entertaining lightweight decision machine. A big, slow, very little action, heavyweight decision machine.

You dropped a majority decision to decent competition.

Then, one of the lesser Silva's (Assuerio) exposed your complete and total lack of a ground game in a decision that you managed to win. I can still hear Rogan going on for 2 rounds about how you needed to be kidnapped and just work on your wrestling for a few months.

To your credit, you took Rogan's advice and developed a ground game, sort of. You spent your next 2 fights laying on top of ghost of Cro Cop that recently appeared in the UFC & Herring. Actually, you only layed on top of Cro Cop's ghost for 3 rounds, Herring did enough to beat you.

And, you finally got another TKO on Saturday.

Let's look at the numbers
5-2 UFC record (22-4-1 overall)
3-1 against decent competition
2-1 against mid-level competition (calling Assuerrio Silva, the Cro Cop that recently showed up in the UFC, and the current Herring, mid-level competition might be generous)
3 TKO's
4 painful decisions
Zero top 10 rankings that I know of. Not being able to crack the top 10 at heavyweight is brutal since Sylvia keeps managing to do it based solely on size and Cro Cop keeps doing it based on name recognition.

Who exactly is "everyone" that thinks you deserve a title shot?

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