Tuesday, July 22, 2008

He made how much?

The payouts for Affliction: Banned and UFC: Silva vs Irvin have been released. You can see the full payouts on http://www.mmapayout.com/


Affliction: Banned

$3.3M of total payouts? Damn, you better start selling out arenas.

A lot of people are complaining about Sylvia being overpaid at $800k. I mostly disagree. Sylvia would be overpaid if he was making $800k for a normal fight, but this wasn't a normal fight. Affliction was using this fight to establish its MMA brand and to build up its center piece, Fedor. Think of it this way, Affliction didn't pay $800k for Sylvia, Affliction paid $800k to get Fedor a big name opponent with a credible resume (2 time UFC champ) who's a top 5 or 10 heavyweight (no Sylvia isn't particularly skilled, but his size, and lack of heavyweights, do enough to earn him the ranking). If Affliction ever pays Sylvia this much again, its crazy, but it made sense for this fight.

Fedor's number is a joke because it doesn't include any PPV share or other revenue. Its not a complete number.

$500k base for Arlovski is overpaying. Unless, you signed him to be Fedor's next opponent (assuming Couture can't get out of his UFC contract). If Affliction's paying, Arlovski this much to wrap up another big name, big resume, big talent opponent for Fedor, this makes complete sense.

Barnett's close to being overpaid at $300k base because I doubt he's a big draw. But, this makes sense if he was Affliction's backup plan in case Arlovski lost. Affliction secured a big talent another big talent opponent for Fedor.

Rothwell's $250k is a bit of a head scratcher. It may have taken this much to get him to fight Arlovski. But, even if he won, he's at least 3 fights away from being a bookable opponent for Fedor, and that's a big salary to carry for that many shows.

I got nothing to justify Lindland's $225k base. I like him, but this is crazy money.

Affliction paid huge money for the top guys, but it doesn't look like it gave anyone else a raise. The lowest guys that fought are making $5k, and most of the other salaries seem in line with the rest of the industry.

UFC: Silva vs Irvin

$723k of total payouts. Do you see a difference between the UFC & Affliction?

After looking at those Affliction payouts, Silva seems completely underpaid at $200k. Even without looking at Affliction's numbers, I'd argue that Silva's underpaid. He's a guy you can build/center your promotion around. He can fight at multiple weight classes (185, 205, and possibly 170, based on rumors). He's the best fighter out there, and I have to believe that this UFC run is making him into a size able name.

Vera's practically stealing money at $200k. I know he's supposed to be the future & started out entertaining. But, I think one or two more performances like the last 2 and he'll be out of the UFC.

Aside from Silva & Vera, no one made too much.

I'd say Velasquez is definitely due to for a raise. He looks very promising, and the UFC needs to lock up heavyweights before Affliction signs them all.

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