Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jackson vs Griffin: I was right

Jackson vs Griffin definitely lived up to expectations as a very entertaining fight.

Griffin showed that while he doesn't have knock-out power, he is more than just a good interview. He had a fantastic game plan of staying outside of Jackson's range and peppering the champ with shots. And, jacking up Jackson's leg to limit his mobility & ability to put power behind his punches.

But, I think credit goes to Jackson for keeping the fight so entertaining. His one-punch knock-out ability kept he fight interesting. After Griffin hurt Jackson's leg in round 2, Jackson wasn't really able to go after Griffin the way he did in round 1. He stayed in even with limited mobility and seemed ready to win the fight the second Griffin made a mistake.

The result? I thought Griffin won round 2 10-8 & round 5 10-9, but I had Jackson winning the other 3 rounds 10-9 for a draw. That said, one can easily & rationally argue that Griffin won round 4 because he briefly looked in a triangle. It was a perfectly defensible decision and shouldn't generate any controversy, I just didn't see it that way.

Coming soon: "UFC 86 Main Card: I was wrong"

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